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About Us

We are a Costa Rican company with a long history in the field of computers and the Internet. CR servers is a division of Sistemas Edenia Internacional S.A. a Costa Rican company founded in 1987 as the country's first BBS service. As the online world was advancing towards the internet we partnered with RACSA who was Costa Rica's first ISP. Since then we have developed a long history of partnership with the Government Internet Service Provider of Costa Rica, RACSA. With decades of experience we have evolved to acquire accommodation serving very demanding clients in over 30 countries. Our philosophy has always been that the knowledge and learning is central to what we do. Continuous training and development of our human talent is why we are the most competitive alternative for data center services in Costa Rica.


Fiber optic connections reach Costa Rica on both coasts via three submarine cables that provide the majority of bandwidth to Costa Rica. Access to all three backbones, ACOS-1, MAYA-1 and Pan American Crossing (PAC) , provide real time failover and redundancy at the facility.


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